Intervarsities 2018

Hello All,

Finally, provisional seedings and instructions for the Intervarsity qualifying competition are below. We will try to enter as many teams as possible, but if you want to guarantee a place you need to get challenging and winning matches straight away! The plan is for us to enter 5 men’s teams(30 players total) and 3 women’s teams(15 players total), so make sure to put yourself in contention before the final playoff games in two weeks.

Points to note when challenging: Challenge a player above you.
                                                     Email the player, copy(cc) UCC Squash.
                                                     Send in the result straight away.
                                                     Deadline for arranging match is Wednesday(31/01) at 11pm.
                                                     Deadline for playing match is Saturday(3/02) at 11pm.
Mens Seeding:

Womens Seeding:

Good luck everyone and have fun.