1. Matches will be Point-a-Rally scoring – Best of 5 Games – First to 11 Points – You must Win by 2 Points.

2. A Point will be awarded for each Game played, as well as a point for winning the games (e.g. A result of 3 – 2) would mean 4 Points to the winning player, and 3 points to the Losing player.

3. You can challenge any player above you, or any player below you. If you beat a player ranked above you, then you will be moved to your opponents position while your opponent will drop 1 position on the ladder.

4. Failure reply to a large number of challenges will result in expulsion from the Ladder.

5. As soon as a Match is played, The Winning player should update the ladder with the Fixture and full result of each individual game (e.g. Eoghan Meaney 3 – 2 Brendan Lawton (11,8)(12,10)(9,11)(8,11)(14,12))